Psych Checkup Post Paroxetine Era…

Went to the psychiatrist Wednesday.

-Now on Concerta again. I wanted this, I am having a hard time staying focused so I asked to go back on the ADHD medication once again.

-She asked me how I was doing now that I am not taking paroxetine(anti-anxiety medication). I told her that I still have the feeling of hopelessness but it doesn’t last that long and I usually snap out of that mindset after a short time.

-I told her I got a new job.

Picture Descripition…

Pic One through Four: I went to a house party thrown by a guy named Sam Z. The house was only two blocks from San Diego State University. I don’t normally go out to the “college area” that much since it is just a mess. SDSU is sort of known for being a party school so people who live around there are known for having this party mentality. Walking to the party there were five house parties going on in one block.

The event was posted on San Diego Reddit Meet Up group. I met a bunch of friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. AJ was there and he brought a friend/coworker to the party. His name as Aviz or something like that, he was a traveling surgical tech and I chatted with him and he gave me really good advice on schooling and he revitalized my interest in becoming a surgical tech. Other then that I chatted with a bunch of friends and that’s about it for that party. Eventually the party got boring so I left.

1. The DJ and the backyard.

2.The bonfire.

3. The dirty kitchen on my way out of the party.

4. A man was being arrested in front of SDSU on College Ave.

Pic 5 is just my college campus satalite, you can see Tijuana, Mexico in the distance.

Pic 6 I went to Hess Brewing to watch the Monday Night Football with Charlie and Shana. The brewery was really hot, so we all headed to one of Charlie and Shana’s friends apartment a few blocks away. I just got their after my class and I just wanted to hang so I was down to watch the football game on a small cellphone(I was told about this before I got there). I didn’t have any fun at Dulce’s house, it was cramped and it was starting to get hot just like Hess. Overall, the night sorta sucked.

Pic 7 and 8 I went to the Destiny midnight launch at Gamestop.

Next Pic Set

Pic 1-4: I went to David and his girlfriends BBQ, beach, and bar party. People were encouraged to bring food. I brought that ganja green instead. I had fun at the beach. I was mostly just gawked at my friends in their swim suits. I told people about the natural occurance called “greed flash” which didn’t even show up. I started to develop “feelings” for Christy again, something about her just makes me so attracted to her. The party overall was fun.

I haven’t been doing much, during Labor Day weekend I hanged out with Alec and Ruben a bunch.

I also went to the last party at ‘PB Manor’ a “party” house in Pacific Beach a neighborhood in San Diego. The house was empty besides Kristen’s room. There was a table, couch, chairs, and refrigerator that I assume will be leaving with Kristen when she leaves later this month.

There was about 15-20 people or so people there. We played a couple rounds of a drinking game called Riding the Bus. I mostly chatted with people in the backyard. People bummed all my cigs and some thought I would bring weed. I didn’t. I eventually got bored and left, a rather uneventful last manor party.

Baru did accidentally spill beer on me effectively killing my mood. So that and boredom led me out.