Pic one- Otay Mesa satellite
Pic two- some BMW in Hillcrest

I finished my first week of school. I’m going to Southwestern College which has satellite locations in San Ysidro and Otay Mesa(areas near US-Mexico border). Since the school in is predominately Hispanic population most of my classmates are Hispanic which is a little new. I mostly have white people in my classes and I’m the minority. I hope I ace these classes so I can finish of my prerequisites next semester.

I went to Cora’s going away thing at Dave and Busters on Wednesday and I had fun even though I had no money. I just watched others play and said hi to everyone. It has been a while since I have seen some of the reddit peeps. I missed them.

On Friday Cory invited Kayla and I over for some Gossip Grill pre game action. We chatted, smoked and caught up. I talked about my Colorado trip a lot. Cory drove us to gossip where we proceeded to drink and mingle with some ladies. There was a leather pride flag that was put up in the back of gossip yet there were no people in leather. We all seemed puzzled and disappointed in that fact. After two beers we head back to Cory’s. Kayla headed home where I stayed and watched a episode of The Real L Word with Cory.

The cold, hard truth about the ice bucket challenge