Family reunion write up…

Thursday- I got there a little late. My dad was there it was nice seeing him. Sadly everyone went to sleep/left a hour or so after I came.

Friday- Partied, I had a good time with the fam. I was happy to see my family. I drank a little too much and passed out in a tent. I wee’d the sleeping bag. :(

Sunday- I was a little hungover.I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to leave. I spent most of the night with Alec. I left early.

Park punx write up…

The event on Facebook said that it would start at 2pm. So I got there around 2:30. No one there. I just sat there and waited until around 3:15 when the first people started to show up. I brought all the zines I had from the Queer Punk Fest in LA. People read the zines while they drank. Jinx shared a story of how her bands drummer left. Jinx is a pretty good story teller, the only thing that I had a problem with was the term she used for the patrons of one of her shows. She called them,”socialized female” describing them as “riot grrls”. Socialized female is a really vague description of people, what does it even mean? Is it female assigned at birth? Trans woman? I don’t know what she meant by the term but it bothered me, maybe because it was vague.

After a while more people showed up including Charlene and Lizze. After a hour or so people wanted to do something after going to Balboa park. Charlene said that we should go to her house to party. I had a family reunion that I needed to go to so I said my goodbyes and went home. I wanted to party with them, I missed everyone.

The next day I got a text from Charlene thanking me for the zines. I told her she could keep any zines she wanted.