Friday night I hanged out with Alec. I watched some anime and smoked.

Saturday morning I woke and baked. Ruben wanted to get breakfast and then we would go to a go-kart place after. As we were leaving my brother texted he is eating at La Mesa Bistro and that we should go. My parents were there and me and Ruben did bowls before so we were pretty high I had to keep my cool and play it off(we wouldn’t have went if we knew my parents where there). I did okay I sort of said that I was playing cards all night. I ate my breakfast and then we drove to the go kart place.

It was busy so we had to wait until the race. We waited a good hour and then he was called up. Ruben had a solid race(Ruben is usually on the monthly/weekly top 10 list for the track). After we headed back to the pad and watched anime. Trevor(a friend of Rubens) came and we smoked a little and watched some dumb internet videos. Ruben got a text from Donavan that he was having a little party at his apartment complex. On our way to the party we raced this really old couple(70’s and were driving a new Jeep SUV)who wanted to drag race us at a red light. We didn’t want to disappoint so Ruben raced them. We played pool and smoked about 5 blunts between about 8 people. I had a good time until around 10:00 I went home after because I had “Sunday Funday BBQ B-Day” thing the next day.

I ate a bunch of pizza at the party the previous night that I couldn’t get out until 1 PM. I’m lactose intolerant and my stomach wanted to make me have a horrible morning. The BBQ was alright there were a bunch of people I met but haven’t really talked to much. I watched the LARPers as well. I smoked and I sort of became not chatty. I played a sack toss game and tossed the football with people. There were a bunch of cute girls and dogs so it was a pretty nice Sunday. After around 4:00 or so I left and headed to Alec’s. I’m still here, he is just finishing his homework.